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SEO Training

“Let me SHOW your team how to gain organic traffic from search.”

If your current SEO efforts are not as strong as you need them to be, I can come to your office and train your technical, marketing and editorial teams to execute properly to achieve business goals.

  • SEO Training for Marketing, IT, and Web Design Groups
  • Content Development Structure and Process
  • Social Media Coordination and Link Earning

I will train your IT and Web Design groups to execute SEO best practices for the server environment and creating pages.  Your content needs to be discoverable and accessible for search engines. I will assess the crawlability of your website, write exact technical requirements for each SEO training issue and explain the reasoning for every action.  Additionally, each department will receive “SEO Cheat Sheets” to refer to whenever needed.

I will train your writers to utilize a proven editorial process that targets the intended audience and penetrates organic search.    I will teach your team to identify searcher personas, research the topics and create high quality content.  Your team will know the voice, cadence and schedule for every different content type that your website will publish.

I will train your team to get attribution and social media signals from your content efforts.  Once the great content is published, you are half-way there.  Your team will learn how to get strong authority links into your content and also get social media mentions.  The goal with this training is to accumulate a contact list of influencers that will evangelize your content.

Strategy – This on-site workshop is for C-level executives, directors, managers and those involved in product and content strategy.  We help you define online business goals, develop searcher persona archetypes and create a calendar for content to engage your audience.

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