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SEO Consulting

“Let me tell you how to acquire traffic from search engines.” 

Any company with a website can perform well in organic search by executing proper SEO strategies and tactics.  These strategies and tactics require certain resources:

  • SEO Consulting
  • Technical Execution
  • Editorial / Content Development
  • Tracking / Reporting
  • Promotion / Social Media

I can tell your IT department, lead software engineer and/or technical team exactly what needs to be done to help the crawlability of your website.  These details can change how search engines consider and rank your website.  When your IT, web design and technical teams know the rules, every page of your website can achieve business goals.

I can tell you what you need to do to create a strong internal Content Development team.  Maybe you have internal resources that write content and just need focus and best practices.  Or maybe your organization needs to build a complete Editorial team to compete in the marketplace.  I can give you insight and direction for any content development concern.

I can tell you what business metrics, SEO items and other traffic details need to be tracked and reported to ensure that you know what is going on.  Knowing your current situation is important to understanding where your next efforts need to be focused.  My guidance on what tracking and reporting tools are necessary will make sure that you and your clients know how well the SEO services are performing.  These tools also provide insight into the health and traffic status of your websites.

I can tell you how to promote your content efforts and use social media to contact authority influencers in your category.  Once you are producing great content, getting this content in front of the right people is essential.  Because the search engines place emphasis on your authority status, I will tell you how to gain attribution to your content and focus this power on gaining higher rankings in organic search.

I offer two types of SEO audits that benchmark your current situation, identify concerns and offer recommendations:

SEO Technical Audit  & Recommendations

SEO Content Audit & Recommendations

I also provide on-site visits and one-on-one phone calls to assist with any SEO issue your business may be facing.

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