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Rudy De La Garza is the founder and CEO of  He also speaks about SEO, searcher personae and building SEO tools to mine data.  His passion is constructing the right teams and the right plans with the right tools to gain quality traffic from search. He is also the in-house SEO for, a public company that relies on organic traffic for profitability.

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Rudy De La Garza, Jr. has specialized in SEO since early 1997, before Google.  Back then Rudy was optimizing websites for Yahoo human reviewers, AltaVista, Lycos, and WebCrawler to name a few.  (Remember those?)

Instead of going on the speaking circuit then, Rudy chose to stay focused on consulting large and small companies on the details of on-page SEO, building SEO tools and gaining authority attribution from quality content.

In 2004, Rudy was performing effective SEO for a leading foreclosure database company and quickly overcame the bigger players in the market.  By 2005, he was recruited by to teach them how to take back market share and become the strongest offering.

These successes led to the next in-house SEO opportunity for Rudy, while he also maintained a highly dedicated team of industry experts at his agency,  He is one of the few capable SEO experts that can manage a full SEO agency and an in-house SEO department for a publically traded company simultaneously.  Rudy’s knowledge and expertise was the only choice for the largest personal finance website in the United States,

One day in the summer of 2006, Rudy was offered the sole SEO position at, reporting directly to senior management of this publically traded company.  At that time, was a $140 million market cap company that was not taking advantage of its SEO potential.

With a small team and an even smaller budget, Rudy directs the SEO efforts for and all satellite sites .   Bankrate (RATE) is now a $2 billion company that gains over 65% of its traffic from organic search.   One of the bigger successes is how Rudy changed the internal culture to make SEO a priority across Content Development, Product, Marketing, Merger & Acquisitions and IT departments.

Changing organizational behavior and instituting SEO best practices are just a couple of features in a typical business execution from Rudy.  From high-level “change-agent” strategies to tactical recommendations and team acceptance of SEO, Rudy brings an ability to connect with technical and business-minded people in your organization.

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Since the early days of the Internet, proper content development and publishing has been key to penetrating organic search and gaining authority attribution (links).  Rudy’s team of content writers, editors, social media coordinators, promoters and search analysts all understand that content must be published properly.  He can ensure that your team also understands these and all other concepts of proper SEO.

Rudy creates proprietary SEO tools, innovates content promotion techniques and offers unique insight on the subject of search traffic acquisition.  Call us today to learn more how we can work together.

Rudy De La Garza, Jr. is the owner and operator of